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Refractory Symposium 3rd Iranian Refractory Symposium 2017

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The refractory industry plays a constructive role in the development of our country as one of the key industries and widely used in the upstream ones. The usage of such products in the steel,non-ferrous metals and non-metallic industries (such as cements,tiles,ceramics and glass) and also in the energy zone (like oil,gas petro chemistry) has highly increased its importance.The tangible progresses of the refractory industry are indebted to compassionate staffs and well-known scholars who have been provided the ground work to the national development based on the endogenous economy.
On the necessity of continuing this one,attending to reconstruction and modernization of machines,innovation and researches and also getting benefit from the technology of the world is undeniable. 
According to experience which was gained from the successful holding of the 2nd Iranian Symposium and Exhibition,Iran Refractory Society will hold the 3rd Symposium and Exhibition 23-25 October 2017 in Olympic Hotel in Tehran,so your co-operations and consultations are warmly welcomed
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